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Richard Rohr on the Cosmic Christ

Judy Hanmer writes about this explanation of the Cosmic Christ in a talk on CD ‘The Art of Looking Sideways at Christ’ by Richard Rohr, an American Fransiscan  (CD obtainable from Greenbelt)

I particularly appreciated this talk because I have been struggling to understand what people mean when they talk about the Cosmic Christ.  Richard Rohr explains this concept in terms I can understand and relate to.   Jesus and Christ, he says, are not the same thing.  The Christ existed since the world began, whereas Jesus was born 2000 years ago.  So why has Jesus been identified with the Christ?  Because he revealed to us this pattern or blueprint which has existed since the Big Bang, the moment (in theological terms) when God decided to materialise.  Jesus is the personification of what God is always doing, creating with love.  In the past Christians have got hung up on the theology of atonement, the need to ‘earn’ God’s love and to convert others to their viewpoint, but the Gospel is about changing oneself, not other people.  Rohr urges his listeners to adopted a ‘generous orthodoxy’ which involves thinking more holistically, honoring other faiths and seeing the whole of life as sacred. There are three other CDs in this series: The Art of Looking Sideways at the Bible; The Art of Looking Sideways at the Church and the Art of Looking Sideways at Us (meaning ourselves).

Judy Hanmer (Cana)

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